How to Succeed in Inheriting Faith to Your Descendants |

How to Succeed in Inheriting Faith to Your Descendants

How to Succeed in Inheriting Faith to Your Descendants

Jesus Christ said about himself,

”I am the living bread that came down from heaven. Whoever eats this bread will live forever. This bread is my flesh, which I will give for the life of the world.”
(John 6:51)


God’s Word Is Truly Life

The moment the word is declared from our mouths, “life” blossoms.
However, at the moment we move away from the word, “death” progresses.

After Jeremiah’s prophecy to the Jewish people in the Word of God, the Jewish people encountered the troubles of Babylonian captivity and “Tefillin Education(Bible reciting)” was born as a way to never to leave the Word again.
Even in the absence of a state for about 2,000 years, the Jewish people have lived as children of God and have lived as a family of God. Their culture has been thriving and prospering for thousands of years and they have never compromised the Word of God for the secular values of the country of the countries in which they were living.
The Jewish lifestyle teaches and practices that the Word of God is to be passed down from father to child and from child to grandchild so that their families as well as their people will be blessed children of God, regardless of the time and place of their situation. The Jewish people have shown and proven that their “verified” way of life is a path to become a happy person.

As Christians, we should also recite the Word of God, teach our children to recite the Word of God, and to spread the gospel so that we also can become prosperous in all respects.


What Are “A tefillin” & “Tefillin Education” ? (Deuteronomy 6:4-9)

A “tefillin” generally consists of two small boxes in which a person hand-writes four texts from The Word and then puts the texts into the boxes.

The boxes are then bound to a person’s forehead and to their right arm.
The hand-written texts are the same in both boxes.

4 “Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one!
5 You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength.

6 “And these words which I command you today shall be in your heart.
7 You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up.
8 You shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes.
9 You shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates.
(Deuteronomy 6:4-9)

If you are a devout Jew, in order to faithfully observe the words of Deuteronomy 6:4-9, you are called to remember God’s Word when you wake up in the morning, when you are praying in the morning, when you are sitting at home, and whether you are walking or even sleeping.
By tying the Tefillin boxes to your right hand and your forehead, you are remembering that you will speak God’s Word.

In Israel, it is illegal for any person to read a book while driving a car.
However, it is not illegal if they are reading the Word of God.

Meditating on the meaning of God’s Word with the tefillin, from morning time until a sleeping time, was a principle part of daily life for the Jewish people.
The use of tefillin is a part of Jewish culture which has survived for 2,500 years, since the time of the Babylonian captivity, and was alive and well even in 1948 when the land of Israel was reborn and the country began to rebuild itself.

It is precisely thanks to this “Tefillin education” that the brains of Jewish people are much more developed.

So, Tefillin is not just a recital of The Word, it can be said to be “the way of life itself” that always connects The Word with your mouth, heart, and constitution.


Bible Education As Learned From A Jewish Life Cycle (Ezra 7)

The more people declare The Word of God, the more it will overwrite their nature, their personality, their character, and their minds. Word recitation (Tefillin Education) makes many excellent people.

Ezra arrived in Jerusalem in the fifth month of the seventh year of the king.
He had begun his journey from Babylon on the first day of the first month, and he arrived in Jerusalem on the first day of the fifth month, for the gracious hand of his God was on him.
For Ezra had devoted himself to the study and observance of the Law of the Lord, and to teaching its decrees and laws in Israel.
(Ezra 7:8-10)

The era when Tefillin education became popular was during the time of Ezra after the Jewish people returned from their captivity in Babylon.
Ezra was the direct descendant of the High Priest and was a clerk who had memorized the entire Bible.

The Jewish people were not allowed to bring the Bible during their captivity in Babylon.
So, Ezra compiled the Bible on the banks of the Cabar River and created a theology college where he trained leaders.
Thanks to that, the Bible still survives because the Babylonian captivity took everyone by surprise.

God’s people were beaten by their enemies their temple was destroyed, and the people were scattered.
This is a warning to everyone today that if we neglect God, this will happen to us as well.
Everyone wondered why their country had been destroyed. Even the temple was destroyed!
The people soon realized that they did not know the words of the Bible so they could not teach God’s Word to their children.

The people knew that even though their country had been destroyed, their ethnic culture should not be destroyed.
They decided to teach their children firmly with the Words of God.
It was decided that the children would recite God’s Word.
A decision was also made to train leaders who could ethnically sustain the foundation of God’s Word firmly.

That is when “Tefillin Education” began and it has continued through these modern times.
Let’s learn how this modern Jewish teaching is taught to the children.


“Tefillin” Makes Many Excellent People


Jewish Bible Begins In The Mother’s Womb.

Learning begins during pregnancy.
During pregnancy, it is common for a mother to stroke her stomach, walk around nature, listen to classical music, read stories in picture books, and so on.
Recently, the concept of embryoism has become popular in many countries and science is learning about its positive effects, but in Judea it has existed since long ago.

For a Jewish mother, their pregnancy time is different from mothers in other cultures.
When a Jewish baby dwells in their mother’s womb, their mother will recite the Bible by reading in the morning, in the afternoon, and at night for a total of more than 3 hours a day.
The babies who are in the mother’s womb are able to hear the Words of God before they come out of the womb.
Therefore, before the birth of a Jew, their ears have already been opened to the Word of God.

Thus, the fetus is bred with in a gentle womb environment where it develops while hearing the Word of God.

By contrast, the fetuses of gentile babies usually develop in a different environment which is apart from the Word of God.
Instead, the fetus will develop in the womb while being exposed to couple’s conflicts, television sounds, an perhaps parents’ intolerant conversations.
Beginning even from the fetus’s time in their mother’s womb, a big gap develops between Jewish babies “who have ears to hear” and other culture’s babies “who do not hear” because their ears have not been opened by the Word of God in the womb.


Education From Birth to 1 Years Old Is Called “Hatler”

A “hatler” is a cloth that wraps up a baby. Additionally, the word means “embroidered.”
Recently, hatlers can be purchased in some stores but in the old days, at the time when my mother was conceived, hatlers were hand-embroidered by mothers one fold at a time while the child was in the womb.
Mothers made the hatlers while praying aloud over for the child and waiting for the child to be born.
When the child is born, parents wrap their babies in the hatlers which contain the spirit of God’s words until the child is 2 years of age. Parents pray that their baby will be protected from the world and Satan.

When Jesus was born, he was also wrapped in this cloth.

and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no guest room available for them.
(Luke 2:7)

Also, when the world was born from the womb, it was actually wrapped by the word of the Lord.

Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation?
… “Who shut up the sea behind doors when it burst forth from the womb,
… when I made the clouds its garment and wrapped(Hatler) it in thick darkness,
(Job 38:4-9)

Even Jesus and the world
were born with The Word when they were born. How important is this education?

For the nine months, when the baby is in the womb, a Jewish mother will read the Torah (Moses 5 Book) ten times.
Additionally, between the ages of 0 to1 year old, Jewish mothers will read the Torah twelve times tothe baby who is wrapped in the hatler and the word of the Lord.
As often is the case, manymother also recitethe Torah by singing it to their babies.


Education From 3 to 4 years Old – “Alefbait (Alphabet) “

In regards to the education of children between the ages of 3 to 4 years old,
children are taught the Jewish alphabet, Aleph Tav, also collectively referred to as “Ed”.

Aleph is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet and Tavis the last letter.

Mothers are often expectant because they want their child to learn the alphabet as soon as possible so that their child can advance to the next stage of education which is “Tefillin (Reciting the Word)” education.
Mothers ask quiz questions such as “Tell me, what letter is this?” If the child answers correctly,
the child is rewarded with the cookie which they eat. It is also known as “cookie fishing strategy”.

However, the child gradually gets used to the taste of the cookie and the child gradually becomes unable to be motivated by a cookie.
However, the Jewish mother does not give up.
If the child gets bored, the next reward cookie is one that is painted with honey.
The child then learns the alphabet again with the help of the desirable honey cookie.
However, the child will often get bored again.

The Jewish mother thinks, “What can I make for my child that would motivate them to learn more?”.
The mother then kneads flour, places it on a baking rack, punches a hole in the middle, cooks it with oil, and then coatsit with sugar… She has made donuts that you all know well!
Mothers must use their ingenuity to create rewarding treats, such as making donuts and chocolate, so that their child does not get bored.
When the child’s eyes sparkle from tasting a donut for the first time, the child will continue studying the alphabet.

The mothers who want their children to read and write in early development should make delicious sweets such as chocolate and ice cream to motivate their children to learn the alphabet as well as to recite the Word.

Did you know that Dunkin Donuts, Haagen Dazs, Baskin Robbins, and Hersey’s all originated from Jewish mothers who were inventing sweets for their children’s education.
All of these famous sweetsare the results of God’s blessing upon parents who were inventing new ways to educate their children by God’s Word.

The efforts of loving mothers who said, “I want to teach the word of God to my child” has resulted in a big blessings.
The sweets that we normally purchase are actually the gift of Jewish education.


Training During The Ages of 4-13 “Bar Mitzvah”

Parents encourage their children to reach the goal of reciting approximately 6,000 verses from Moses’ Five Books of Genesis to Deuteronomy.
Children are taught to sculpture the Word using six organs that God has given to them: the eye, the mouth, their ears, their head, their heart, and their spirit.
Educating children in this way helps them to engrave it so that they are able to recite all 6,000 verses of The Torah.
When the child becomes 13 years old, it is said that parents have fulfilled their responsibilities when their child successfully recites the Word in front of a public audience which is the Judean adult ceremony called “Bar Mitzvah”.


What Is The Amazing Effect of “Tefillin Education” ?

By the time a child reaches their Bar Mitzvah, the child has already heard the Torah 12 times in Hatler education (0 to 1 year old), 24 times in Aleph-Beteducation (from 2 to 3 years old), and 240 times in the 10 years of their Tefillin education.Children will have declared every passage in The Torah at least 300 times.
No matter how good or bad your memory is, if you repeat a passage 300 times, you will be able to remember not only in your mother tongue but in a foreign languageas well.

At first, it was hard to remember passages even in my mother tongue.
My head hurt or I would feel sleepy.
These were psychological turn around responses as a result of soaking in words that are contrary to the Word of God.
As you learn to overcome these situations, you will gradually be able to realize the effects of Word recitation and you will have fun reciting everyday. Some people have reported that their memory retention has risen and others have proclaimed that they have stopped doing things that should not be done. In addition, there are people who no longer need the drugs that they needed before and others have said that they have been cured from their easily-angry personality.Additionally, others no longer need tobacco or alcohol.

As the Word is Jesus himself, the more we accumulate it, the more our personality, our behavior, and our customs which do not match Jesus’ appearance will transform to become more like Him.

Tefflin is also very useful for language learning.
If you Tefillin from an English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, or even a Greek Bible, you will learn the foreign language as well as God’s Word will enter at the same time.
More than anything, do not forget that a Tefillin learner who chews on the Word over and over in his heart, “has the assurance and set blessing of God.”

People who firmly meditate on the Word day and night will be the “blessed person” of Psalms 1.

That person is like a tree planted by streams of water,
which yields its fruit in season
and whose leaf does not wither?
whatever they do prospers.
(Psalm 1:3)


“Bar Mitzvah” Triggers A Great Blessing

People who practice “Tefillin” and continually speak God’s Word into their hearts will surely come into God’s guaranteed blessings.

Although it was introduced in the last article, people of Jewish descent account for 20% of all Nobel Prize winners in the world even though they comprise only 0.25% of the world’s population.

Jewish children are taught to remember the Word of God from the age of three and by the ageof their Bar Mitzvah (13 years of age) they have memorized Moses’ Five Books.
In contrast, children who are raised from the time they were born in the thought patterns of the word are “brain-washed” into the world’s way of thinking.

When you think about it, it is easy to see that anyone can be brainwashed somehow if they are not careful.
For example, children playing games all night long will have their thoughts brainwashed by the game.
Along the same lines, children watching TV are also being brainwashed by the TV.

As children are raised with and depend on various things that have become poisoned, children will not be able to live their lives as God has designed it.


When Tefillin Education Is Followed, God’s Guarantee Is Brought

1, Spirit’s health
2, Heart blessing
3, Brain’s blessing
4, Blessing of body health

Jewish children seem to think clearly and many children actually have IQs beyond 150.
Indeed, prestigious universities such as Stanford and Harvard have established an upper limit on the number of Jews who can enroll.

Naturally, because of their excellence, many Jewish people succeed in business.
For example, Google’s founders Larry Page and Sergei Brin are acquainted with the Jewish narrow gate, attended Stanford University, and continue to develop the world’s best search engines.

Even at the writing of this article, it is nice to know that Jewish names continue to be in the top ranks of the richest people in the world.

What will happen if you start Tefillin when you are 14 years old?
Of course, you may not reach the top ranks of the richest people in the world like the people above because many of those on the list where raised with Tefillin since birth. So, your degree of blessings may not compare with a Jewish person who has been thoroughly educated in God’s Word verses you who may be starting from a less developed state.
When Junior High, High School, and University students are given Tefillin to study English, their pronunciation of English becomes nicely normal.

Most children are already buried with information from the world so they do not want to recite the Bible at first.
However, they do want to be able to speak English.
Tefillin education is guaranteed to always interest and reward learners if they do it.


Son of God’s Word verses A Son of The World

At the age of 13, there is a Jewish adult ceremony called a “Bar Mitzvah” (“Bat Mitzvah” for women).
Perhaps you may think that becoming an adult at 13 years of age may seem to be a little early. However, those participating in the Bar Mitzvah/Bat Mitzvah ceremonies are not just 13 years old.
These participants have been en graved with God’s Torah (Moses’ 5 Books) beginning from inside their mother’s womb and have become suitable spiritual adults who are able to clearly organize and embrace the living ways of God into their own thoughts and bodies by the time they are 13 years old.

In the Bible, it is written that Jesus surprised Rabbis in the synagogue with His answers at the age of 12…
(Luke 2:42-47)
Jesus knew that his Jewish education adequately prepared him with the Word.

Besides receiving Tefillin education with the Torah, Jewish children also practice Tefillin with High Torah
as they chose to recite their favorite prophecies (such as Psalms or Isaiah).

“Bar” means son, and “Mitzvah” means WORD. Therefore, the word “Bar Mitzvah” in Hebrew means “son of the Word.”
During their ceremony, some of the Word is recited in front of others who are at the celebration.
Children who finish their Bar Mitzvah celebrate grandly because of the fact that they have now became “sons of the Word,” “a child of God”, and are now seen as adults by their parents and their community.
Parents also receive great admiration as they have fulfilled the serious responsibility of “raising a child of God and not as their own child.”

On the other hand, without the adult ceremony of the Word, even Jews believe that children who do not become a person of the Word will become a child of the world – which is a child of Satan.
They believe that people who are not ruled by God will be ruled by Satan since the Word has not entered in their thoughts, their hearts, and their emotions. It is believed that their thinking is floating in the world.

When they grow up on that side of the world (i.e., Satan’s side), they do not want to come to where the Word is.
They find the Word is boring and that it is difficult for them.
When their state is dominated by Satan and they pollute themselves in places where other like-minded people are, they will jump in crazily.
People who grew up on the Satan’s side snooze spiritually and they speak against the ones who have already been purchased by the Word.


Gentiles Seem To Know The Law Of Success, But They Do Not Actually Know

We, the Gentiles, were born into an environment without originally knowing God’s Word.
As such, we grew up not knowing that God our Creator has established universal laws that are written in His Word (The Bible). These written laws affect our lives because they affect our success and failure in everyday life.

If a person was unaware that God’s Word has written laws of success and failure that cannot be changed, then a person who is doing something that is in conflict with God’s Word will not be successful.
That person may curse and be hurt because things they want or expect are not happening.
The reason is because their lives and actions are contrary to God’s written laws of success and failure.

If we recite God’s Word and fill our hearts and minds with God’s Word, then our lives will become organized to the blessings written in God’s Word.
When we are filled with God’s living ways, then we will live full lives that are pleasing to the Lord and our plans will prosper.

Every thought, every judgment, and every evaluation in our lives must be lived according to God’s will.

The world was created by God’s Word, and all things are made up by the Law of His Word.
As Gentiles, the Western way of thinking is heavily influenced (negatively) by Hellenistic Thinking (Greek Thinking).
Hellenistic/Greek Thinking encourages evaluation, judgment, and criticism of all subjects,

For a Jewish person, the root of their thinking is the Word of God. The Word of God is the law of all things, it judges all things, it deals with all things, and it acts upon all things according to the words of the Bible.
Therefore, Gentiles can not be in conflict with God’s Word if they hope to be successful at anything.

The Jews succeeded even though they were scattered throughout many places in the world.
Due to the recitation of God’s Word and thorough the teaching of the recited Word to their children, the faith of the Jewish people persisted deeply even though they were displaced from their home country of Israel for 2,000 years.

Christian people, on the other hand, even though they kept evangelizing, they did not teach The Word of God to their children.
As a result, the faith of the people and the knowledge of God’s Words lowly disappeared.
Numerous religious revivals sprang up in all parts of the world and at various times in history, but because the Word of God was not taught to their children, the people’s faith in God would soon disappear.


Other Than Christianity, The Other Four Major Religions In The World Practice Recitation

Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism have survived because they recite.

However, since only Christianity does not recite, it has become a religion where people must continually fan their faith into flames so that it does not die out.

Now, it is time for us to return to the Hebrew way of thinking and living like in the apostolic days.
We need to return to the recitation of The Word of God.


The Importance of Educating Ourselves With Faith And A Respect For Jesus Christ

Certainly, the Jewish teaching methodis excellent, but it is not perfect.
Because the Jewish people have little or no faith in believing in Jesus Christ, the Jewish people will only study and recall the Old Testament.
The Jewish people do not study the New Testament gospels nor do they learn about salvation or eternal life.

There can be a danger of creating “harmful genius’” if the learning method places the its primary purpose onusing Word education to simply develop brains and abilities.
This purpose, by itself, may lead to ruins.

A good example from the Bible would be King Solomon.
King Solomon was the smartest person in the world.
He gained more money, more honor, and more women than anyone, but because his faith in God collapsed, the end of life was entirely empty.

So, the essence of education is not to create geniuses or to create rich people.
Instead, the essence of education should be to nurture a child of God to have a firm faith in God and also teach a child to know and understand the fear of God.

Since the beginning, God gave His blessing to everyone created God in his own likeness and told them to increase and multiply with many births so that the children of God will fill the whole earth.

Everyone should be educated and reborn as a child of God by the Word!


A Theological University And Graduate School That Pastors And Missionaries From Around The World Come To Learn

In December 2016, Bible lectures based on the original texts of the Bible and analyzed by Hebrew Thought began in Japan.
These lectures are organized by Cohen University, which is headquartered in Los Angeles, USA, and has branch schools in 130 countries.

Dr. Gary Cohen, the founder of Cohen University, is the only theologian who has converted from Judaism to Christianity despite being the 147th descendant of the High Priest Aaron.
Dr. Cohen can recite the entire Old Testament in Hebrew, including the Old Testament Torah (the 5 books of Moses ).
As the head of the translation committee of NKJV (New King James version)Bible, Dr. Cohen worked on the translation and supervision of many parts of the Old Testament with 138 Biblical theologians.

Dr. Cohen is currently the honorary president of Cohen University, which has today become a global theological university.

Cohen University teaches the Bible based on the original texts and analyzes it based on Hebrew Thought, a principle inherited to only descendants of the chief priest, and applies it to the Gospel. As the only institution that does this, Cohen University is attended by many pastors and missionaries worldwide even after graduation


About Dr. Kim Hyung Jong (Supervisor of this Webmedia)


“Walking university” to take lectures at Cohen school in 131 countries

Dr. Kim Hyung Jong, an active professor at Cohen Learning Center, is Vice-President of Cohen University and while living abroad for over 300 days a year,is also known as a “Walking University.”
All over the world, there are many pastors, missionaries, and workers who are looking forward to the lectures given by Dr. Kim who unravels some of the over 15,000 stories contained in the Word of God.


Dr. Kim is the world’s leading expert who spreads “Tefillin Education” which is the foundation of Jewish education in the world.

Dr. Kim, as the Secretary-General of the World Tefillin Academy, is a leader who spreads “Tefillin” to the world by teaching students to recite and declare the Word of God aloud which can be said to be the foundation of Jewish education.

In July 2017, at the World Protestant 500th Anniversary Celebration held in Germany, Dr. Kim spoke at the general event and broadcasted videos of children around the world who were able to recollect and recite the entire Bible.
Each group of children were able to recite a chapter that they had been studying.

In this spectacular project, 1189 chapters of the Bible were recited by 1189 teams worldwide consisting of children under the age of 18. Each chapter was recited one by one in their mother tongue, in Hebrew, or in the Greek language which they were studying in.

This project gives everyone great hope for our next generation who is being built and raised on the Word of God.


Dr. Kim is Certified as the world’s first “Gentile Honor Rabbi”

Dr. Kim is the founder of Jun Bible College in South Korea which is attracting attention as an educational institution that cultivates talented people who become world leaders through English Tefillin Education and is the first non converted person to receive the distinguished award of “Gentile Honor Rabbi” from the Department of Religious Affairs in Israel.

Dr. Kim visits Israel many times in his Hebrew studies to exchange knowledge with many high-ranking rabbis and also diligently researches Israel’s vast treasure of precious letters and ancient historical artifacts such as the Torah and the Talmud which were written 500 to 2,500 years ago.
founded in South Korea, Jun Bible College is attracting attention as an educational institution that cultivates talented people who become world leaders through English Tefillin Education.
Especially from Israel there are permanent leases of precious letters and treasures such as Torah and Talmud 500 to 2500 years ago.


About The World Tefillin Council

The World Tefillin Council was created with the aim of spreading the Bible recitation learning method “Tefillin Education” to the whole world, which the Jewish people have passed down for over2500 years. Our particular focus is children from the age of 4 to 14, teaching them so they can make the Word of God their standard of value on all things, basing their judgment and actions on the Bible.
Therefore, we educate our students by making them recite the Word of God when they wake up in the morning, sleep at night, walk down the road, so that it will become part of them. When the Word is engraved in the hearts of children and overflows, their character, intelligence, health, and behavior will be prepared, polished and heightened in every aspect. We will nurture future world leaders who will rebuild this world into a God-pleasing “tove” (perfect, beautiful, good) condition.

Learn more about Our Council and Activities