Jewish Lifestyle #3 – The Great Reason Why Jews Get Married |

Jewish Lifestyle #3 – The Great Reason Why Jews Get Married

Jewish Lifestyle #3 – The Great Reason Why Jews Get Married

In Jewish culture, children were considered children until they were 13 years old and had completed the Judean Bar Mitzvah adult ceremony. After the Bar Mitzvah, these new young adults also become “a son of the Word.”
The future for these young “sons of the Word” is a future full of bright hope.

Next, we will see how these Jewish young adults live after their Bar Mitzvah.


14-18 Years Old – “Talmud Education”

Between the ages of 14-18, these young adults enter into a time of Talmud Education.

“Talmud” is an oral collection of Jewish ancestral teachings which are commentaries on “The Torah” (Moses’ 5 Books).
The Talmud covers various fields such as law, social customs, and economics. It’s like an encyclopedia that is filled with the necessary information that a Jewish person needs in order to take part in their society.
Among all the books in the world, there is no book that has been as studied and as carefully described as The Talmud.

Using The Talmud, Jewish young people learn the law and theology which has been written by Jewish Rabbis(Jewish priests).

Before a Jewish person can marry, it is essential that they should first be being educated in The Talmud.
If someone has not received a Talmud Education between the ages of 14-18, then one year of Talmud study is required before marriage.


Jews Prefer to Exchange Opinions With Each Other Which Is An Educational Gift That They Have Received.

“Chavruta(Havruta)” is a traditional Jewish way of learning where two people are paired with each other to discuss a subject.
Jews will use this educational practice thoroughly after their Bar Mitzvah (the adult ceremony done at 13 years of age).
Through discussions with each other, Jewish people learn to listen to others and also learn how to better understand their opponents’ points of view. Additionally, Chavruta (Havruta) increases each person’s ability to communicate clearly as well as develops their abilities to persuade people.

As a side note, the NTL International Training Institute has studied the effectiveness of learning through discussion with others.
According to an NTL study, a person only remember 5% when listening to lectures
(That is, in order to remember 100%, you have to listen to the same lecture 20 times.),
remembers only 10% when reading, remembers only 20% when learning audio visually (using only eyes and ears), and only remembers about 50% if attending a class on a lecture followed by a class discussion.
Additionally, the study also found that if a person actually taught the material to another person, the retention rate will be 75% of the content.

However, through Chavruta(Havruta), that is, if learners face each other when discussing the same theme, the learning retention rate is 90%.

In the Bible, there are several examples where Jewish people “have mutually exchanged opinions.”
This method of learning is an educational gift of education that Jewish people have been practicing since their youth.


19 to 22 Years Old – “University Life (Education of The World)”

At the age of 19 to 22, many Jewish people enter university studies to receive an education from the world.
One reason why students receive education in the world is to acquire information about the world so that they may better manage the earth well, according to the Word of God.


23 Years Old, Married, and …

The average age of marriage is about 23 years old.
As I wrote in the last article, many Jewish young people have already built solid foundations in their lives and by the time they are 23 they are already prepared for successful lives. Additionally, these Jewish young people also have encouraging families who will continue to cultivate and support them throughout their lives.

And above all, they have “reasons to marry.”
One Jewish person said, “I have learned deeply about God from my parents and now I am married and have ten children who I have raised in the same way that I was raised by my parents.”
When young Jewish people marry and have children at a young age, their genes are most prepared to reproduce offspring like themselves because the way they were raised is still a fresh and active part of their lives. Then, from the time their own children begin to dwells in the mother’s womb, the Word education begins again and is given to the fetus, repeating the cycle.

This is the reason for their marriage.

So, the Jews can say, “As you imitate God, you also apprentice God.”

“Therefore I urge you to imitate me.”
(1 Corinthians 4:18)

Paul says that because God’s people are raised with God’s education based on the Word of God, the Jewish people have repeatedly given birth to blessed children of God who increase and fill the earth.
In the case of Gentile people (people who do not know the Word of God), their decisions to marry and have children are often based on an “I want” decision mindset. An “I want” decision mindset is one that says, “I want to marry” or “I want children.” Many decisions are often made with “self-centered” thinking.
As a result, many people now are often deciding to get married much later in life or have even decided not to get married at all. As a result, their birthrate is declining due to later marriages as well as decisions to have fewer and fewer children. As a result of these trends, ethnic groups with these practices will not be able to sustain themselves and are going to die out.

The Gentile “I want” mindset is quite different from the Jewish mindset.
For the Jewish mindset, they do things for the sake of the Word. For the Jewish people, they marry according to the Word and also birth children according to the Word.


God’s Word Is Truly Life

Jesus Christ said about himself,

” I am the living bread that came down from heaven. Whoever eats this bread will live forever. This bread is my flesh, which I will give for the life of the world.”
(John 6:51)

The moment the word is declared from our mouths, “life” blossoms.
However, at the moment we move away from the word, “death” progresses.

After Jeremiah’s prophecy to the Jewish people in the Word of God, the Jewish people encountered the troubles of Babylonian captivity and “Tefillin Education(Bible reciting)” was born as a way to never to leave the Word again.
Even in the absence of a state for about 2,000 years, the Jewish people have lived as children of God and have lived as a family of God. Their culture has been thriving and prospering for thousands of years and they have never compromised the Word of God for the secular values of the country of the countries in which they were living.
The Jewish lifestyle teaches and practices that the Word of God is to be passed down from father to child and from child to grandchild so that their families as well as their people will be blessed children of God, regardless of the time and place of their situation. The Jewish people have shown and proven that their “verified” way of life is a path to become a happy person.

As Christians, we should also recite the Word of God, teach our children to recite the Word of God, and to spread the gospel so that we also can become prosperous in all respects.


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