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Thevit #2 – Voice of Children in Kindergarten

Thevit #2 – Voice of Children in Kindergarten

This kindergarten raises children with positive words and began with the intention of making soil that raises healthy children of God.
This kindergarten began three semester ago and was made according to the vision that Principal/Pastor Shin was given from the Lord seven years ago. The kindergarten was initially started in his children’s study room which then developed into a household with children, and now has become The Thevit Christian School & Kindergarten.

Today, mothers with aspirations of raising their children with faith are partnering together with Principal/Pastor Shin and his young teachers at the kindergarten.
Today, families, churches, and schools are now united by faith.
These images show how our children are learning at our school.
In this picture the children are reciting all of the chapters in Proverbs – from Chapter 1 to Chapter 31.


The Bible also says to meditate on the word when you are sleeping and when you are awake.
The children work hard every day they recite the Word of God for two years.


“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.”
(Deuteronomy 1)


Q. How did you recite the Word of God?

(7 year old girl)
It was a little hard. There were times when I was sleepy.
I was sleepy but it feels good


Q. Why do you feel better when you Tefillin?

(7 year old girl)
When I recite the word of God
it makes me happy because I do it loudly everyday.


Q. Have you had a hard time with Tefillin?

When it was a bit hard because there was quite a bit.
when I receive unjust treatment from my older brother or my sister, it came to my mind that Satan was cheating me.
So, when I cried, my sister said, “Do not get excited, pray”.


Q. How about listening to God’s words?

(6 year old girl)
It’s good because I can know the word of God by myself and tell it the world.

Q. Who would you like to tell?

I want to tell people who do not believe in Jesus. If they believe in Jesus, they will not fall into hell.
I want everyone to believe in Jesus because I want them to go to heaven, not hell.


Q. Did you remember the first time that you tried Tefillin? How was it?

(6 year old girl)
I was glad. But it was a bit hard.

Q. How is it now?

It is a little hard now, but I feel better because I try hard.

Q. Do you want to learn the word of God?

Yes. I want to learn. It’s a bit hard but I want to learn as much as I can.

Q. Why do you do want to learn the Word of God?

I want to evangelize!

Q. To whom?

I want to evangelize to everyone who does not believe in Jesus.
I want to tell people in North Korea too.
I would like to tell you that we should have died, but we love him and died instead.

Q. Do you want to continue even if there is a difficult time?



(Lady D)

I thought about it and I wondered what I should do.
I thought that the Word was the answer to life – I heard it all the time.
So, reciting will change our way of living – both myself and my son will change.
That’s why I came here. However,it was not as difficult as I thought.

It has been about 1 year since we began Tefillin.
the kids still do not like and do not put too much energy in reciting.
And sometimes there are no signs that many Biblical words are stored. That was painful sometimes.


Q.How did you exceed that limit?

Before I began there was a problem in my family so Tefillin, it was a limit to me.
However,since that time I began to hear Jesus’ words.

As I was sitting with my child I thought that it would be a good thing to try but I was not sure.
However,Jesus died on the cross for me. Within that time my child began to hear about the cross of Jesus.

Thankfully, there were no big changes in my family situation (dramatic and conspicuous) and Tefillin has changed my family so much!
However, I realized that children actually “go beyond limits” even when they say “I can not do it” or “No no”.
My son could understand that he could go beyond his limits.


(Celebration message of Proverbs recitation)

(Senior 1)
Sisters and brothers, you have worked hard so far, so I praise you.

(Senior 2)
I am a senior. I celebrate that you can recite Proverbs. The recitation of your Proverbs was really difficult.
You will continue Tefillin from now – keep fighting! Do your best (Keep trying).
I wish you much more famous recitals. next recital is the revelation of John.

(Children aged 3-4 years)
Children practice listening to words and following along for 1 hour 2 hours.
It was a wonder and surprise to memorize difficult words.
As the days passed, the thoughts and behaviors of the children began to change.
There are times when it is still difficult.
I believe that the Word is doing a good work in them.


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