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Thevit Christian School

Thevit #3 – The Thevit Christian School

Thevit #3 – The Thevit Christian School

People who practice Tefillin Education (Bible reciting) and who put God’s word into their hearts will surely be blessed by God.
In particular, children who are raised from birth with the Word of God in the Bible are washed by the Word.



Our school is a school where people who want to live for God gather.
This is a school where students can discover and prepare specifically for their mission in life.

Until now many children live their school life and their religious life separately.
Students coming here to our school have a special opportunity to do their best in school while learning with God.

Our school gives us a lot of chances to do what we want to do in regard to our courses.
I have confidence in our school because I see that my children’s

Other friends are only playing.
Right now, children and their parents can have a helping relationship with each other and walk along the way of life together.


This is a school started by the decision of children.

We believe the Lord has given Tefillin Education for the country and the people.
It is good to recite the words of the Bible and make it part of our lives.
We can meet our living God through the Word.
Word Centered. As I was living a word-centered life, I visited to the Martyrs’ Memorial Hall.
When I saw it, I thought about how I should live.

Dedicate for God.
Eleven people followed their decision of faith.



This school was established through us and I decided to live by my words.
However, I did not think that I could create a school.

This school began in this way on March 2, 2015

God’s word itself is alive.
because I was confident with my understanding that
“Only the words of the Bible will help me to take full responsibility for my life.”
I tried schooling myself and wanted to cast myself into the words of the Bible.
Our school was founded not only for me,
but also for my friends around the world to give them the same chance to school themselves in the words of the Bible.


“T” of TRUTH : The Word of God

Because this school loves the Lord who is the Word, hear the word, hence, think, and therefore weep.

Tefillin is not to “remember the words” but rather “to organize the word.”
If we just recite words then our aim is for just thinking,
It is difficult to be reproduced as a way of life.

I do my best to keep God’s Word in my mind and in my heart so that I can make use of that word in my daily life.
I always write notes on my meditation with God.

We are doing Chavruta.
(Where two people are paired with each other to discuss a subject on a Jewish traditional way of learning.)


“R” of TRUTH : Restoration

Restoration is the process of restoring the appearance of God which was destroyed by sin through a community that becomes united as one.
Jesus was trained about honesty, honesty, and serving through Biblical figures when he was small.
Jesus was trained through honesty learning about Biblical figures and through serving when he was small.
It is a lesson to train in the way of life.
It is a good model to train children in the way of life.

This class is small Jesus.
Our classes are like what Jesus did when he was young.
Abraham lived an ordinary life in Ur but he obeyed God’s command to leave Ur.
I continued to receive obedience training from there.
Our training models Abraham who received obedience training from Ur.
I also invite God to enter this school and I wish to continue the way of the obedience of Abraham.
I also do activities that teach children to love our country.


“U” of TRUTH : Understanding & Corporation

Our school practices honest and truthful conversation every day.

When we take field trips with the children we have various opinions but with mutual agreement points,
we abandon our desires and enjoy our time together.

As a result, we had a wonderful trip.

We make our education in doing our best.


“T” of TRUTH : Thinking innovatively

Through critical processes, creative thinking, and processes that solve problems,
we create leaders who will have many experiences to pull from in their lives.
Through this education, we try to make curiosity grow.

I am doing the latest education using ICT.
We teach our children how to create new things and how to become people who can teach others.
Children are taught to self-correct themselves and if they notice anything this is wrong,
we teach them to find out what was wrong and do it correctly.


“H” of TRUTH : Holy witness

Holiness is what the Lord calls for.
I am doing evangelism.

I would like to be an entrepreneur to support church missions.
I want to be an excellent person who has practical experience.

Cross Campaign


(Story of graduates)

I entered this school and found out that the Lord says that I have a frustrating feeling for Japan.
For Japan.
I graduated from school and majored in Psychology.
I want to heal people’s minds and to use psychology as a opportunity to tell others about God’s Word.
Especially for Japanese.
God’s Word relaxes people’s hearts through its truths.
If I have faith and obey God then one day everything in God’s Word will be fulfilled.

I think that I want to live for God but if I enter another school,
I will have to go in a different direction then the direction I want.
Both parents and children have are being healed in this program.
Both parents and children are working together in this program and are becoming good workers according to the purport of God’s will.


The 4th Industrial Revolution Is Happening Now.

(Principal Shin)

Allow me to talk about the 4th industrial revolution which is happening now.
Some people say that 60% of the current occupations that are available now will be gone within 15 years from now.

I can not imagine about the new occupations which will emerge in 10 years.
So, which way should our education go?
The direction we should head is in the perfect Word that God has given us.

“All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness,
so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.”
(2 Timothy 3:16)

Only the word of God can perfect us and raise us as people of God. This is our goal.

We cannot imagine the world that is waiting for us,but we have to send our children out into this future.
There are roles that must be revived to guide children who will be walking through numerous social problems.
In terms of church and education, we must play such a role.


Thevit Christian School