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Thevit #6 – Interview with Students of the School

Thevit #6 – Interview with Students of the School

We interviewed students about school life in “Tefillin Education.”

Seven of the Thevit Christian School’s first and second grader students(Student A-G) gathered.
Student D was the first student who decided to enroll.
After that, other children decided to enroll.When this school was established there were 11 students enrolled.


Q.Why did you decide to enter this school?

(Student D)
Originally, the chance was when I went to camp.
I read the Gospel of John 1:1 which said you must be with God to live with God the Word.
But when I return from camp, my life returned to living in the education of the world, not God.
I decided what I needed to do and so I decided enter this school.


Q. Why did people around you follow?

(Student G)
When I went to the camp I saw that they had a school there.
There was a school in the church that recently opened.
I vaguely thought that it would be nice if there was a full school there.
I thought it would be a good thing to have aschool that educates with God’s words where a student could received God’s grace everyday like we received in the church camp.

When I returned to ordinary school God’s grace was not there.
That was always frustrating to me.
I wanted to continue to stay in grace.

So,I thought that I wanted to enter a new school. So I decided to enter here.

(Student H)
I also went to the same camp. I prayed there.
I whispered to Jesus that I thought that I also forced Jesus to descend into hell because of my sins.
Even though I was a sinner and felt like I was a Roman soldier who wounded Jesus, that the Lord’s love came deeply to my heart.
The Lord loves me even when I was terrible.

I thought that this Thevit school was a special school that was given to me like that. So, I enrolled.

(Student E)
Me, too. I also became a believer in Thevit church for long time.
I was deeply impressed by the camp, but when I return to my regular school it faded away.
It was something that I wrestled with.

Then, I heard that someone had courage to start a school.
I realized that the work of God had begun and I thought that I could join there.
I could experience Jesus who came to our family at this church.
I wanted to became involved with Jesus.

(Student C)
Everyone here is a 1st grader at Thevit School but I am in the 2nd grade.
I also recited the Word in the same way.

I was studying abroad for three years when I heard about a new school that was starting in Korea.
My mother and I prayed about what to do about my education.
In the meantime, the Thevit school was given to me when I returned to Korea.
It was then that I began studying and entered this school.

When I was studying abroad, I did not know why I was studying or what life was about.
I did not know about God even though I went to church. I was only living a hypocritical way of life.

What I learned after I decided to enter this school was that God gave me a desire to run and seek the Kingdom of God.

(Student B)
I also came to the camp together with the others. At that time,
I received God’s grace. However, I was not gripped hard like them.
As everyone was leaving camp, the Lord somehow came to me.
The Lord has been with me every since then.
Previously I liked to be alone and did not like anything disgusting. I did not like interpersonal relationships.

I have been told by a person that after a year of walking with the Lord and His Spirit,“You changed the most.”

Yes, he began to eat eggs which he absolutely did not eat before. Also, he began playing sports which he never did before.

(Student A)

I came to the Bible camp in this church and the 2 night-3 day training ceremony was familiar.
In the cultural events that are held during every long holiday, I felt blessed in terms of my emotions.

Although I was emotionally happy and had other emotions such as feeling sad and feeling blessed at the cultural events, their roots were not so deep, so when I returned to my school I felt deflated.
Whenever I returned to school I always felt of myself as a wandering person.
When I went to church and came to this school a different life was waiting for me.
I was in such a state that I could not go straight.

After (Student D) decided to come to this school I still had not decided whether to go on to high school. My life in school and in the church was struggling.
Then, I made a decision to enter the school.

Everything has completely changed. I have learned that I can not do things in my own way even when I want to.
Only God’s words are absolutely unchanged.
So, I’d like to live with God’s word that does not change.


Will Each One of Them Change in “Tefillin Education” ?

(Pastor Yukie Kawai)
I think that it might be hard for everyone to believe, even for me,
that children have made their own decision and started doing this kind of thing.

Through the confession of each individual’s faith,“What started from them is a nundeniable fact.”
When I came to the education site this time, I appreciate it once again. I really appreciate it.

From now on, will each one of them change in “Tefillin Education” ?
We would like to see that confession.


He learned from this education is his value that He wonder why he is alive.

(Student E)
What I learned the most from my three years of education is the value of knowing why I am alive.
Before coming to this school I had no goal other than to get up early and go to school after eating breakfast.
I never set any goals. Now however, I have found out how I am going to live and have goals for my life.


He now understand and can choose which way God is pleased in the current situation.

(Student F)
Through this education I became a man who walks with God (“halakh” in Hebrew).
Previously, I did not do what I wanted to do.
When I wanted to see the word, I do not see it.

I was doing things that I wanted to do selfishly.
Now that I have met God, I am able to pray early in the morning and read God’s Word.
Now I am able to understand it so that it is God’s pleasure.

I now understand and can choose which way God is pleased in the current situation.
Sometimes I cannot get 100% but I can succeed and am satisfied.


He knows his true identity as God’s child.

(Student A)
Through this education, I have been able to understand who I am.
In the past, I was depressed and passive and I did not have a spontaneous or positive attitude.
Through His Word, I now understood my identity.

“I am a child of God. I am a child of God.”
Now, I can not live like the old days.

Although I could not think of it before, as a concrete result, I am now the president among the youth members.
I can not keep still when I know my true identity as God’s child.
That is why I have became more positive.


He came to grasp the Word as a voice where God was teach in him

(Student C)
First of all, in my previous way of living the Word was separate from my life.
I received grace through God’s word through early prayers.
I began to understood it even deeper during our times of sharing as I thought about how to incorporate the Bible’s words deeply into my way of life
I came to grasp the Word as a voice where God was teach in me. He was not only a character in a book.
It started as a trigger and I began applying the Word into the way of life.

Secondly, I learned about why I am alive through this school.
From that small beginning of hearing God’s voice, I now live my life towards the goal of Jesus while sharing my faith.
That is my first priority.


She began to plan and do things in line with the plan without being lazy.

(Student G)
I met the living God in reality through this school.
Up to now, I have always been vague about Jesus in the real world.
I could only think of Jesus as a vague person because I had never experienced Him in reality.
My reality and my faith were separate things in the past.

However, what I am studying now is related to God -everything is involved with God- now I understand that God is involved in everything.
I am lazy. That’s why I tend to be lazy in various things.
After coming here and connecting with Jesus in my life, I am experiencing life together with God.

Previously, when I was in church, my life with Jesus was different when I was in school and when I was outside of school.
Now, we can not separate worship, God’s word, and education,
I found out that these things can not be separated. So, as it turns out, I am not idle anymore.

I began to plan and do things in line with the plan without being lazy.


He is doing things specifically and no longer doing things vaguely.

(Student B)
I have often thought think about various things because I had plenty of things in my own world.
So, I did what I wanted to do and I did not do what I did not wanted to do.

However, after coming to this school I now have different ideas
and I am doing things specifically and no longer doing things vaguely.

Student B can not recall his change from when he first entered our school but has noticed from his surroundings that he seems to have changed the most.
He has set his goals and he is working diligently.
Now, he never comes up and asks what he should do.
Instead, he now comes up with his own goal and starts to practice it right away.


He wants to live in a way that serves the gospel.

(Student D)
Before I went to this school, I had no idea about the future.
I thought it would be better if people told me what to do. It was ok and I could do something fun in the future.
However, now that have met Jesus, I want to live in a way that serves the gospel.

My desire now is for the future. My hopes and expectations of the future is growing.
I think that all of us are in the process of preparing it.


Please pray that this work will expand around the world.

(Pastor’s prayer)
How can young people live correctly? It is by the word of God.
Through Tefillin Education, young people are nurtured through the Word that they learn while they are here.

For many of the young men here there was no meaning in their past and they were only walking and living in disbelief and suffering.
Now, they are being raised as children of light and as children of God who have a clear understanding of life’s true meaning.

We pray that this work will be blessed richly and also that God will bless this work more and more.
From now on, we believe that more and more young people will learn in schools like our and
we pray for new opportunities to deliver God’s light to the world.

There are children who think that they want to learn here.
I encourage them and I appreciate that they understand that learning here is precious and that students are learning uniformly.
We hope more people will come to know that “Tefillin Education” learning is truly precious.

The world is filled with various temptations
so we always pray for victory through God’s Word of life against such a world.

We pray that you will give richly to the students, pray for their will to receive precious learning,
and also pray for the teachers so that they can give precious instruction.

Finally, please pray that this work will expand not only in Korea but also in Japan and around the world.

We bless you and pray for you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!


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