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What is Cohen University? & Who is Dr. Gery Cohen?

What is Cohen University? & Who is Dr. Gery Cohen?

Cohen University is a Jewish American university and the main directors are Dr. Gary Cohen, authority of Lord Eriki theology, Dr. Band Mei a historian theologist, Dr. William Kane of New Neapolitologist, and Dr. Paul Kang (Dr. Kang Sing Gun).

Dr. Gary Cohen, the founder of Cohen University, is the only person as a theologian who converted from Judaism to Christianity despite being the 147th descendant of Aaron High Priest.
Dr. Cohen recites the entire Old Testament in Hebrew, including the Old Testament Torah (Moses 5).
As a translator chairperson of “NKJV (New King James version)”, 138 Biblical theologians worked on the translation and supervision of many parts of the Old Testament.

Cohen University is a religious educational institution that has been approved by the Federal Government of the United States’ Department of Education in California with the goal of “Lord Eriki Theology and World Missions.”

Established in 1987 in the city of Torrance in Los Angeles, California, Cohen University and their affiliate schools have been established in 130 countries around the world.Cohen University academic degrees are recognized across the globe.

Japan is the 131st country to partner with Cohen University and has established a Japanese Cohen Learning Center.

Cohen University carries on active exchanges with internationally acknowledged Biblical scholars and is a regular member of the International Theological College Council (ACSI) as well as a regular member of the Evangelical Professor Council (ETA) which includes over 100 professors who have realized advanced education degrees.


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