Jewish Lifestyle #2 – "Bar Mitzvah" Triggers A Great Blessing |

Jewish Lifestyle #2 – “Bar Mitzvah” Triggers A Great Blessing

Jewish Lifestyle #2 – “Bar Mitzvah” Triggers A Great Blessing

People who practice “Tefillin” and continually speak God’s Word into their hearts will surely come into God’s guaranteed blessings.

Although it was introduced in the last article, people of Jewish descent account for 20% of all Nobel Prize winners in the world even though they comprise only 0.25% of the world’s population.

Jewish children are taught to remember the Word of God from the age of three and by the ageof their Bar Mitzvah (13 years of age) they have memorized Moses’ Five Books.
In contrast, children who are raised from the time they were born in the thought patterns of the word are “brain-washed” into the world’s way of thinking.

When you think about it, it is easy to see that anyone can be brainwashed somehow if they are not careful.
For example, children playing games all night long will have their thoughts brainwashed by the game.
Along the same lines, children watching TV are also being brainwashed by the TV.

As children are raised with and depend on various things that have become poisoned, children will not be able to live their lives as God has designed it.


When Tefillin Education Is Followed, God’s Guarantee Is Brought

1, Spirit’s health
2, Heart blessing
3, Brain’s blessing
4, Blessing of body health

Jewish children seem to think clearly and many children actually have IQs beyond 150.
Indeed, prestigious universities such as Stanford and Harvard have established an upper limit on the number of Jews who can enroll.

Naturally, because of their excellence, many Jewish people succeed in business.
For example, Google’s founders Larry Page and Sergei Brin are acquainted with the Jewish narrow gate, attended Stanford University, and continue to develop the world’s best search engines.

Even at the writing of this article, it is nice to know that Jewish names continue to be in the top ranks of the richest people in the world.

What will happen if you start Tefillin when you are 14 years old?
Of course, you may not reach the top ranks of the richest people in the world like the people above because many of those on the list where raised with Tefillin since birth. So, your degree of blessings may not compare with a Jewish person who has been thoroughly educated in God’s Word verses you who may be starting from a less developed state.
When Junior High, High School, and University students are given Tefillin to study English, their pronunciation of English becomes nicely normal.

Most children are already buried with information from the world so they do not want to recite the Bible at first.
However, they do want to be able to speak English.
Tefillin education is guaranteed to always interest and reward learners if they do it.


Son of God’s Word verses A Son of The World

At the age of 13, there is a Jewish adult ceremony called a “Bar Mitzvah” (“Bat Mitzvah” for women).
Perhaps you may think that becoming an adult at 13 years of age may seem to be a little early. However, those participating in the Bar Mitzvah/Bat Mitzvah ceremonies are not just 13 years old.
These participants have been en graved with God’s Torah (Moses’ 5 Books) beginning from inside their mother’s womb and have become suitable spiritual adults who are able to clearly organize and embrace the living ways of God into their own thoughts and bodies by the time they are 13 years old.

In the Bible, it is written that Jesus surprised Rabbis in the synagogue with His answers at the age of 12…
(Luke 2:42-47)
Jesus knew that his Jewish education adequately prepared him with the Word.

Besides receiving Tefillin education with the Torah, Jewish children also practice Tefillin with High Torah
as they chose to recite their favorite prophecies (such as Psalms or Isaiah).

“Bar” means son, and “Mitzvah” means WORD. Therefore, the word “Bar Mitzvah” in Hebrew means “son of the Word.”
During their ceremony, some of the Word is recited in front of others who are at the celebration.
Children who finish their Bar Mitzvah celebrate grandly because of the fact that they have now became “sons of the Word,” “a child of God”, and are now seen as adults by their parents and their community.
Parents also receive great admiration as they have fulfilled the serious responsibility of “raising a child of God and not as their own child.”

On the other hand, without the adult ceremony of the Word, even Jews believe that children who do not become a person of the Word will become a child of the world – which is a child of Satan.
They believe that people who are not ruled by God will be ruled by Satan since the Word has not entered in their thoughts, their hearts, and their emotions. It is believed that their thinking is floating in the world.

When they grow up on that side of the world (i.e., Satan’s side), they do not want to come to where the Word is.
They find the Word is boring and that it is difficult for them.
When their state is dominated by Satan and they pollute themselves in places where other like-minded people are, they will jump in crazily.
People who grew up on the Satan’s side snooze spiritually and they speak against the ones who have already been purchased by the Word.


They Are Millionaires As Soon As They Graduate From College!?

According to Dr. Kim Hyung Jong who is spreading “Tefillin Education” to countries all over the world, Bar Mitzvahs can often be witnessed between 5 to 10 times on Sabbath mornings (Saturday in Judea) at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.

People participating in Bar Mitzvahs at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem are not only from Israel. Jewish people from Brazil, Africa, and Ethiopia also hold celebrate their Bar Mitzvahs at the Wailing Wall in their rich international colors.
People who can not travel to far away to Jerusalem will usually perform their Bar Mitzvahs in their nearby synagogues.

At a Bar Mitzvah, relatives and friends all join together so often there are at least 200 people gathered for the ceremony.
Traditionally, guests will not come empty-handed. At the celebration, guest will often bring about $100 to $500 dollars per person.
So, once you have a Bar Mitzvah, sometimes up to $100 thousand dollars of celebration money will be given to the new Bar Mitzvah adult. It is a tremendous amount of money.

It is at this time, with that money received, that the Bar Mitzvah adult will start studying about investments with their father.
Their money is usually deposited in securities firms such as Goldman Sachs which is a Jewish company, for example, to nurture the sense of investment such as the flow of money, how to increase it, and the identification of growing stocks.
It is largely due to the investment education which they received in their childhood that there are so many Jewish fund managers in the world.
It is possible to make tenfold returns of up to 10 million dollars if a person manages the $100,000 celebration money which they received at the age of 13 wisely for 10 years.

As is often the case, when they are just 23 years of age, when they graduate from college, they have already become millionaires with financial capabilities!

We have been Tefillin educated since our childhood and like many Jewish people, had a Bar Mitzvah where We were recognized as an adult. Since that time We began to separate ourselves from the things of the earth and start moving more towards heavenly things in every way.
Another reason why it is important to do Tefillin now is because old ideas, old words, and old customs from the world (Satan) had been trying to engrave itself upon me since birth.These old ways of thinking need to beover written with the Word of God through Tefillin.

In order for Christians to walk on the narrow path of the Bible, which has been continuing since Ezra, Tefillin education thinking is necessary.
Learning from the Jewish lifestyle,which has already produced great results, can help us to keep God’s living Word in our hearts.


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