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Thevit #4 – How Can Children Be Changed by “Tefillin Education”

Thevit #4 – How Can Children Be Changed by “Tefillin Education”

This church was given the mission “to give the vision to the next generation” from the beginning.
It began as a children’s house in 2004.
After that, our school increased as an after-school educational facility where elementary school children spent time after school.

(The School Teacher’s Explanation)

Our school was a place for junior high and high school children to stop by after the school.
Another factor was that while we were doing the children’s house and the kindergarten, I found that it was necessary for a mothers’ homeschool.

Even if parents want their children to change, when the children went home,
the changes in the children did not continue because the parents were the same as before.
That’s why children do not change either.
We started a homeschool so that parents and children will change together.

At that time, we had a prayer meeting for 40 days in Korea.
What was given at that time was linked to Tefillin and I began to teach Tefillin.
I have to teach the word of God, but rather than teaching, I started reciting as a part of my child’s acceptance of the Word.

I went to Tefillin camp.
I saw that middle school and high school children received many blessings in the camp.

Ten people decided to start with Joshua as the leader so eleven people began the school.
The children themselves quite ordinary schools because they wanted to cast their school life on Tefillin Education instead of school.

The kindergarten was spontaneous and a mother who was doing homeschool stated that we should start doing the Tefillin School for the children.
Both the kindergarten and the school have a history of three years.

The schools were disjointed until now and the facilities were also here and there.
Now, our school buildings such as the kindergartens and the churches are now at the same location where you are coming.
This was how our school began and our starting Tefillin, but it was not that easy.

For the first year, our school used no other subjects, only Tefillin.

Kindergarten aged children sometimes cried when it came to Tefillin classes
because children were told that they should recite words but they did not understand the reason why.
Children in kindergarten have finished reciting Proverbs Chapter 1 to Chapter 31.
Now the girls are beginning to recite the Gospel of John.

The students in Phase 1 have finished reciting the Book of Proverbs as well as The Book of Revelation.
They are reciting the Gospel of John in both Korean and English.

Now, children are taking ordinary lessons and are beginning to learn other subjects besides Tefillin.


(Question-and-answer session)



The Book of Proverbs and The Book of Revelation were done only for Korean.
However, the Gospel of John was done in Korean and English.
Children in the kindergarten got a little bit of English and also a little bit of Chinese.
We believe Chinese is an important language to learn
because Chinese will become the world language from now on.
There is a Thevit branch church in Beijing.



We are teaching only the children of the family of the church now.
We accept children only after being cultivated in the church for at least 1 year
As a promise, you agree with what the church has decided.
People whose parents and children cannot agree with the policy decided by the church cannot be accepted.
Also, parents’ consent is also necessary. Both must be agreed upon.



A meeting for parents has been formed and the teacher regularly explains and teaches the parents.



Teachers are chosen from the church members in Beijing and also by the Sunday School teachers.
One church member returned to Korea and set up an organization named “A Child’s House.”
When another church member saw what A Child’s House was doing,
they began taking classes for early childhood education, graduated, and joined the organization.

The teacher received their education from Hang Dong University which also has a branch church.
I will enter the university from here
After learning the corresponding departmental ability,
the teacher returned back to the school and engaged in that work.
From a very young age were trained in God’s words and we are trying to live a life that is pleasing to God.

It was a struggle to live our lives in a way that was together with the Word of God.
In the midst of that, the Thevit school was established in church and I was impressed when I saw it.
I really wanted to spend my time here. Excellent people are our dedicated teachers.

Another teacher in our kindergarten is
a mother who homeschooled and raised her child directly then studied, and now she is our dedicated kindergarten teacher.



Currently, there are 8 kindergarten students ranging from 4 to 7 years old, 6 elementary school students, and 7 junior high and high school students.
There are 7 teachers in total: 3 kindergarten teachers and 4 elementary and middle school teachers.

There are people who have various talents in the church and these people are instructors for each hour as needed.
I think that it is impossible to make a system where everyone cooperates unless it is a community called a church.

Originally, I am a missionary, but I am here to do the work of the school


(Pastor Yukie Kawai)

When this school was just beginning, I visited the school when it was still in another location.
Compared to those days, the children are really changing and they look dazzling.
Usually, Christian schools cannot be established unless the school can execute something in an advantageous way.
I think that it is truly wonderful to see the Thevit Christian School of today which is made by paying attention to each individual student and teaching them to advance to their next stage based on what each student can do.

Members of other churches also saw this educational system and they said that they would like to enroll their children here.
They absolutely wish to enroll their children in our school.
It should be noted that unless the parents agree with the same faith and the same words that our school is based on, then they will always be expected to have trouble.

Please try to visit us and see how we live life in this church.
So, when you come and visit us, please check to see if you agree with the words that this church is saying and also check to see that you agree with the vision advocated by the church.

Even if you do not pass a year, you will be opening new frontiers that you can accept if you can agree on faith.

Thevit Christian School